Best Electric Bike for Delivery

At Keego, we support GREEN LOGISTICS. Our sturdy, long-range, IoT-connected longtail ebikes will power up your Last Mile Delivery business to the next level.
Count on us, we always deliver!

We Make Delivery Safe and Efficient

When it comes to last mile delivery, customers choose quality over speed. And that’s the core of our design to make sure the delivery journey is safe and time and cost efficient.

We Make Fleet Management Super Easy

All the information is stored in the cloud 24/7 helping you take control of your fleet with ease.

The Best Solution

for Ebike Delivery

1. The right-sized vehicle for city food / grocery delivery

Delivering with ebikes is no news, but we raise the bar by adding cool but practical features to enhance the overall performance and experience for everyone.

2. A variety of accessories at your choice

We can help you source the best accessories to build your dream fleet. From winter tires, heated boxes to racks, we got your back. Ideal for people searching for deliveroo ebike.

3. Accessible spare parts and local maintenance

Spare parts are provided with our shipment and can be found at our maintenance center., which makes our ebikes the Best ebike for deliveroo.

4. Powerful long-range batteries. range up to 130 km

Our ebikes are designed to fit 2 batteries, easily swappable, fast charging with a USB hub. You can’t ask for more.

5. IoT-connected ebikes with smart features

Tracking, health check, delivery status all checked. (We are working on more cool features, stay tuned.)

We Have Plans for Everyone

No matter if you are a delivery company, leasing company, or courier looking for best electric bike for delivery.
Contact us and let’s discuss the best plan together.

Simba E-Bikes

Reliable and Strong


KG4 - Double Power

65 Kg Racks Capacity | 120 Km Range | 2 Batteries.

Smart and Stable


KG5 - IoT Connected

70 Kg Racks Capacity | 130 Km Range | 2 Batteries.

Keego Empowers Couriers and Fleets

The experience with the KG4 was awesome.

Foodora Courier


KG4 makes my job easier, I like KG4 very much.

Getir Courier


KG4 is a good option that I’ve been looking for.

Foodora Courier


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