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Join the businesses saving 96% on fuel and maintenance costs by switching to electric bicycles.

Why Switch to E-Bikes?

Make savings while sustaining the planet.


Reduce Your Operational Costs by Up to 96%. Say Goodbye to High Fuel and Maintenance Expenses.


Achieve Your Sustainability Goals with Zero-Emission E-Bikes. Perfect for Urban Deliveries and Patrols.

Urban Agility

Navigate the City with Ease. Our Compact, Versatile E-Bikes Beat Traffic and Improve Delivery Times.

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Corporate E-Bike Solutions

Discover Our Range Tailored to Enhance Business Efficiency.

Tailored Mobility Solutions for Every Sector

Discover Our Range Tailored to Enhance Business Efficiency.

Nationwide Service

While prioritizing unparalleled customer service our e-bike seamlessly blends with our personalized support, ensuring you not only enjoy effortless deliveries but also receive exceptional assistance every step of the way. Join us on the journey to redefine your logistics experience, where superior performance meets unmatched customer care.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve compiled answers to the most common queries regarding our E-Bikes to help you make an informed decision and enjoy a seamless riding experience. Dive in to discover more about our innovative E-Bikes solutions.

What is the range of your e-bikes on a single charge?

The range of our e-bikes varies by model, but typically, you can expect anywhere from 35 to 45 KM for regular e-bikes and 60-100km for Cargo e-bikes on a single charge, depending on factors such as the terrain, rider weight, and usage patterns. For specific model information, please refer to our product specifications or Contact Us

Are e-bikes heavy?

They can be, and are certainly heavier than a ‘normal’ bicycle. A non-electric bike normally weighs somewhere between 15 and 20 kg, whereas an electric version of a similar model may be about 25 to 30 kg. The addition of a motor system adds a hefty chunk on to the e-bike’s weight.

Are e-bikes easy to ride?

Yes; in fact, they’re probably easier to ride than normal bikes despite their heavier weight. The purpose of its electric motor and battery is to reduce the amount of effort you, the cyclist, need to put in, and so making your cycling less strenuous as a result.

Are e-bikes faster?

Yes; again, the motor will assist you in this so that you can reach your destination in a quicker time.

If my charger gets damaged, can I buy another one?

Yes, you can purchase high-quality chargers from Simba Planet as replacements for your damaged charger for Simba E-Bikes.

Are e-bikes noisy?

Generally, not really. Certainly, you’ll rarely hear the sound of an e-bike over the noise of the road and traffic, although some motors can tend to make a sort of ‘whining’ noise at times. Not to the point where it becomes utterly intolerable, though.

Are e-bikes good for fitness?

Yes, e-bikes are beneficial for fitness as they offer a low-impact way to exercise and can be adjusted to various levels of assistance, promoting cardiovascular health and muscle engagement.

How far can e-bikes go?

Further than you could feasibly manage on a regular bicycle. This is because, less effort is needed to pedal and they have preserved more energy. Simba e-bikes can travel up to 100km on a single charge, depending on the model. The range also depends on factors such terrain, and riding style.

Are spare interchangeable batteries available to be ordered separately?
Yes, there are spare batteries available for purchase in the shop section of the website or in any of our showrooms.
What is a front carrier on a cargo e-bike?

A front carrier is a cargo rack or basket mounted on the front of a cargo e-bikes. It provides additional storage space for carrying items such as groceries, parcels, or personal belongings.

How much weight can the front carrier of a cargo e-bike support?

The weight capacity of the front carrier varies depending on the specific model and design of the cargo e-bikes. Typically, front carriers can support loads ranging from 20 to 50 kilograms.

Is it safe to use the front carrier while riding a cargo e-bike?
Yes, front carriers are designed to securely hold cargo while riding. However, it is essential to distribute the weight evenly and securely fasten items to prevent them from shifting or falling during transit.
What is a back carrier on a cargo e-bike?

A back carrier, also known as a rear cargo rack, is a storage platform mounted on the rear of a cargo e-bikes. It provides additional space for transporting larger items or multiple parcels.

What is the weight capacity of the back carrier?

The weight capacity of the back carrier varies depending on the design and construction of the cargo e-bikes. Most rear cargo racks can support loads ranging from 25 to Kg.

Can I attach additional accessories to the back carrier of my cargo e-bike?

Yes, many cargo e-bikes are designed with compatibility for attaching accessories such as cargo bags, or cargo box to the back carrier. It is essential to ensure that any additional accessories are securely fastened and do not exceed the weight capacity of the carrier.

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