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Our Story

Simba Planet – a division of Simba Group is Nigeria’s first and only retail chain for international bicycle brands, accessories and genuine spares. Alongside bicycles that cater to almost all age groups, we provide high quality after sales and repair services, second to none pan Nigeria. These unique features have made us the preferred choice among customers. Our showrooms are made to the highest international standards where customers can have premium retail experience while shopping.

Our Inspiration

We are inspired by the growing health concerns ...
We are inspired by the growing health concerns globally, as cycling helps to alleviate such issues. These include:
Simba Planet brand also promotes green environment, providing a means of transportation that helps in reducing air and noise pollution
We are mindful that cycling is not only a sport but an adventurous, fun/leisure activity, which we stand to promote. Simba Planet bridges the gap by providing bicycles, accessories and relevant services to help Nigerians enjoy the above mentioned these benefits.
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